Test Comments

I obtained ENTJ and I rated my result 4/5.
It feels good to do this personality test after almost a year, I realize that there were many changes throughout the past year. Hopefully this will help and develop me to be better at what I do and my views in life.
10/10/19 08:45
I obtained ENFP and I rated my result 4/5.
It was good to finally have a personality test after about a year, I can see that there are many changes in the way i approach things and how i view life. Hopefully my characteristics and qualities will help me to gain more in my life
10/10/19 08:34
I obtained ESFP and I rated my result 4/5.
I would have to say this is the most accurate personality test I've taken thus far
09/27/19 14:17
I obtained ENTJ and I rated my result 5/5.
09/27/19 10:33
I obtained ISFP and I rated my result 5/5.
There is so much written here that I agree with. I've taken some tests and I've always gotten either INFP or ISFP which confused me because I would agree with some aspects of one type while also agreeing with some of the other type. But I feel kind of embarassed to find myself agreeing with almost everything written here. I feel like I need to read more about the differences between Sensing and Intuitive functions to better understand them and myself which would help me know myself better.
09/19/19 21:18
I obtained INTJ and I rated my result 5/5.
light yagami is entj
09/19/19 00:03
I obtained ENFP and I rated my result 5/5.
This is probably the most accurate type description i've been given on a personality test. I've been suspecting having an Ne dominant or just being an extroverted personality type in general for a while now, but the previous personality tests I took (years back) never gave me anything other than introverted personality types. I isolated myself a lot then, possibly because of my shadow functions taking the wheel.
09/17/19 14:24
I obtained INTP and I rated my result 2/5.
I'm an INFP but it's one letter off, so it's close enough?
09/17/19 07:12
I obtained ISTP and I rated my result 3/5.
I'm usually typed as an INTP which I feel is more fitting for me. But I got 50/50 on this test so it may be hard to tell. There is, of course, personal bias as well. I enjoy taking tests like these to learn about myself, thank you. :)
09/17/19 02:37
I obtained INTP and I rated my result 5/5.
[insert joseph joestar saying 'niiiice' here]
09/16/19 21:26
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