The champion, the communicator, the charismatic, the psychologist

Cognitive functions

Dominant function : Extroverted Intuition
Auxiliary function : Introverted Feeling
Tertiary function : Extroverted Thinking
Lower function : Introverted Sensing

Examples of ENFP characters

Peter Pan
Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Phoebe Buffay (Friends)

Their assets

ENFP’s consider that life is a creative adventure full of exciting possibilities. They are extremely perceptive towards the others and perspicacious regarding the present and future. They test a broad range of feelings and intense emotions.
They like the fact that others encourage them and are always ready to offer encouragements and support.
ENFP’s have the talent to understand how groups and the individuals work and are very convincing in the continuation of what they have in heart. They are adaptable and open out where they are. Their energy and enthusiasm also help the others to open out.


ENFP’s are innovating, launch projects and spend a lot of energy to conclude them. Primarily using their Intuition in the external world, they are stimulated by new people, ideas and experiments, they easily discover the direction and the significance of things and connects the dots that other fail to see.
They tend to be curious, creative, imaginative, energetic, enthusiastic and spontaneous.
ENFP’s appreciate harmony and good will. They like to please others and will adapt to their needs and desires as much as possible.
ENFP’s primarily use their Feeling in their interior world and make decisions by applying their personal values and put themselves in others’ shoes. They tend to be cordial, friendly, concerned for others, co-operative and ready to offer their support.
ENFP’s have an exceptional talent to detect others’ capacities as well as the energy and motivation to help to implement them. They have enough confidence to go forward while being based on their intuitions. Their enthusiasm encourages the others to follow them.

How the others can perceive them

ENFP’s are generally sharp, sociable, friendly and have a large circle of friends. Almost everything interests them and their taste for life attracts the others. They also grant value to the authentic and major personal relations and invest a lot of energy to create and maintain communications open and honest.
ENFP’s hate routine, planning, and structure and generally arrange themselves to circumvent them. They talk with ease, even when they need to improvise ; however, when they need to express their deepest personal values, it is possible that they suddenly feel uneasy and express their judgements in a way that doesn’t resemble them.
ENFP’s are generally perceived as pleasant, perspicacious, persuasive, enthusiastic, spontaneous, talented, offering their support and appreciation towards others and expect the same way in return.

Potential development areas

If ENFP’s do not find the way of using their talents and of being appreciated for their contribution, they generally feel frustrated and can :
- Scatter, or have difficulties in concentrating, of being easily inattentive
- Be unable to carry out a decision in the long term
- Rebel and become excessively nonconformist
- Be unaware of the deadlines and the procedures
It is possible that ENFP’s pay less attention to the functions they dislike the most, Sensing and Thinking. However, if they neglect these aspects too much, it might happen that they:
- Do not pay attention to the details and necessary work to the implementation of their inspirations
- Overwork, can have difficulties rejecting interesting possibilities and saying no to people
- Are not able to be reasonable and logical in the evaluation of their inspirations and decisions
In particularly stressing situations, it is possible that ENFP’s are submerged by details and lose their usual capacity to take a step back and evaluate the options which arise. They then tend to concentrate on a minor biased detail to the point where they let it become the center of their universe.

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